legal comedy

Axe-and-Hummer found in reverse translation, on human translation and legal services in Ukraine

2018, remarkable site of international coal-trading company “Axe-and-Hummer Trading Limited, United Kingdom since 2008” informs about “realization of “DO-coal” to “users” of “cement fields implementation”…  cement plants.

Black Friday for Beli Karton, or 30% discount on the tourist tax’ penalty

   Go South-West …It was tempting November Friday offer from  a tourist agency manager, of a week-end tour to small beautiful Southwestern Balkan’ country with pristine nature; the land of almost two hundred thousand cement bunkers and 3 million population….
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Free riders with attitude: how to get back-dated car legalization + tax relief + deffered registration

Controversial 3 day’ protests in government quarters, Kiev, Ukraine: holders of vehicles rallied against pending taxes and duties on their outdated temporarily imported cars. Meanwhile Ukrainian Law provides for high tariffs and  taxes on new imported vehicles from EU, and…
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Shall internet trade in real estate beat the “caveat emptor” rule of sale by private treaty?

Controversial practice of real estate sale (by private treaty) is wide-spread in Ukraine, under which internet commerce and paper cash payment are applicable