My Covid test’ usability testing

My Ad -Hoc Covid test’ usability testing.

5 days prior Christmas, on the 5-th day of my voluntary home self – isolation (after positive self-test result ) and with mild Covid symptoms , I was asked by somebody very important to me to test again, but this time with 2 different rapid Covid-19 self -test’ kits (here self-test).

Ready for two tests.

So I did the next morning, on 21 st of December the 2022.  As was expected, two tests gave positive results, because just 6 days ago I went ill.

Test-“T”rive: comparing large&  sophisticated with small & dull

Two Covid-19 rapid self – test kits with positive results : 1. Is simple& easy, clear to read, 2. Is large, more complicated and less self-evident.

Yet what surprised me – how different my usage experience was.

The first self-test is small, easy to use, quickly performing and with clear result.  Dull.

And completely opposite is another one – the large package with a lot of additional sheets and instructions, it takes some effort to understand for the first time how to use it,  and finally… wait for 15 -20 minutes with unclear display of positive result,  which is quite difficult to picture by cheap phone (“vedroid”, derived from the Ukrainian word “vedro” as “the bucket”, slang for Android).

So messaging picture of the second test’ result to friend with caption “Guess what I have?” not necessarily work.

Two Covid-19 rapid self - test kits with positive results.

On the left: second’ test result, and on the right – the first one (clearly visible).My inner child was happy with something else –  the second test gave wonderful variety of well -designed and well-made packaging and charade- like functionality of this kit.  I really enjoyed it.

And you know what?

It has hidden Gift: 2*2 cm cartoon plate saying “Do not eat. Dessicant. ”

My would-be special Christmas-tree toy

Part of the second Covid-19 rapid self-test

So I’ve got My Day and my special Christmas-tree toy,  even beyond life of full -swing preparation to approaching Christmas.


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