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Summertime June 2018


Mothers Day 2018

March 2018 in Kiev and all that

Stitch & Bitch

Ukrainian Mardi Gras – Масниця (Butter Week) in February 2018, ends 18.02.2018

14 February 2018


All-around Thrush

Moon happens

Sveti Stephan island of commerce and the church of St.Sava for prayers on Adriatic Sea and the Balkans, saint patron and Ukrainian customs

Happy New Year 2018

Rain, Winter Solstice @ 21.12.2017

Lake Skadar, November 2017


October, the 31st 2017 in Montenegro, Bar

Read, Run and Walk. The Book-Breakfast, the Chestnut-run and Genghis-Khan-walk in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev’ life on May, the 28th, 20107.


 In pursuit of ephemeral: cherry blossom 2017

Sakura Assignment


Winter hideaway in Montenegro


Olden downtown walk: Kiev, Ukraine


Feofaniya Clinical Hospital, located in suburbs of Kiev, Ukraine. October 2016


Feofaniya Clinical Hospital is state funded medical institution designated for state officials.

feofania-4  feofania-11

Wonderful mixture of tropical and local plants in the Feofaniya gardens.


Agava, cabbage in Flowerbed,  Feofaniya Hospital






feofania-7 feofania-8

Very  weeping birch tree


Popular garden design



Patient cats

feofania-5 feofania-2