h-AI-ppy Easter 2023

..one German garden is inhabited by rabbits…

“Is that a rabbit or a bunny?  Are these images made by humans or generated by AI?”

What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a spider? A harenet!

What do you think?

There are debates on whether Easter bunnies are rabbits or hares. But now new uncertainty added: as what looks more appealing and sincere: human-made pictures, or AI generated ones ?

Please check images below: there are photos I made of Easter rabbit, and computer interpretation of one of them.

Easter bunny of Dutch persuasion; on orange tulip,  April’  2023

AI generated images

These 2 images are generated or by artificial intelligence based on photo and on text description, please see below:

These are my photos again.

Violic Easter bunny April’ 2023, Viola Tricolor.

“Lila” in German could mean: color, or plant Viola (plant genus Viola, which includes violets). In Ukrainian “Lila”  is reserved for female name.

Narcissistic Easter bunny, April’ 2023

I am afraid to think what AI could make of it…

What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes? A funny bunny!

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