Spring came, yet not a time to grease the palm

Spring finally came, as the tiny bee …

appeard in my flat, so slim that I fed her up with a sugar sirup.

Wild bee?

It is still freezing outside and no flowers, so I could not let her free. Could it be a wild bee, leading independent solitary life, unlike domisticated bee-hive bee? So she’ll survive when spring develops further.

“Grease the palm and rub”

Being fond of honey, I usually apply the rule: “grease the palm and rub” it with noney. The more honey soaks in the skin of palm, the better the honey, I guess the less  sucrose sugar was put in. This simple test on honey quality had never failed me.

They say, if you feed bees with sugar sirup in particular period, it may result in sugary honey. They say there might be counterfeit honey around…. Who knows? As a lawyer I am aware, that apiaries are state -passported and certified in Ukraine under the Law On Beekeeping. Anyway, I could not  trust that all honey I see on sale could possibly be natural: there are few flowers for bees and so much honey is imported.

I do hope my wild guest shall survive and could enjoy pollinating linden behind my  windows in summer… ups another wild bee appeared in my flat. Not sure about managing bee-hive life…

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