Family wealth and love, Ukraine

 Prospect of sharing property with girlfriend in Ukraine, which is traditional inheritace society, there is no death tax here

While travelling in car from Belgium to France, enjoying conversation  I’ve got a question from one of the passangers, Belgium citizen:

“My family invested and worked hard for generations – why should I share family wealth  with my Ukrainian girlfriend, as I am going to  buy property in Ukraine ?  What would You advise as a lawyer?”

My immediate answer would be: “What about finding a trusted girlfriend?  🙂

 And I am week-ender here, no legal questions please“.

Whereas aforesaid question is sensible one, the prospect of sharing property in Ukraine is real, both due to traditional expectations of local population and applicable Ukrainian Law.

Ukraine – is a traditional inheritance society 

Ukraine – is a traditional inheritance society – where a marriage of convenience is a more reliable way to enrich, than start a business, or work hard all your life.  Like in Russia, there is no “death tax” in Ukraine for close realtives.  Yes, there are administrative fees: a notary fee and state fee equal to 1% of value of inherited property.

“Some obsolete rules are still applicable in Ukraine,

for Ukrainians are still effective

employment registration in a  Labour Book,

 dwelling registration in national passport “

Some obsolete rules are still applicable in Ukraine, inherited from the Former USSR. For instance, for instance  for Ukrainians are still effective employment registration in a  Labour Book,  dwelling registration in national passport. And state distribution of free accommodation to Ukrainian citizens is still applicable, provided  “dwelling conditions are to be improved”, i.e. accommodation area per person is less than  7sq.m.  It is not big, is not it? * But some are still desperate to queue for life, without attempts to earn decent living. It is infantile part of Homo-Sovetikus nature.

Well, before collapse of the USSR there (Ukraine inclusive) there use to be good reasons for population’ ingrained infantilism, while is does not apply anymore:

·        state granted decent employment for life for city dwellers with higher education;

·        free education, health-care, accomodation;

·        decent state pension at nice early age for city dwellers with higher education;

·        compulsory total conscription for men aged 18-21;

·        childless tax on men effective since soon after marriage;

·        official medical term for woman delivering baby after 21 was “old giving birth”  (“старая перворожающая”),

because upon return from army (averall compulsory army conscription mostly covered men from 18  till 20) majority of men immediately married women usually younger than themselves…. 

in the USSR woman delivering baby after 21 was considered

old giving birth”  (“старая перворожающая”) 

Yes, more than 20 years passed since the Empire collapse, but this trait is still available here, especially amongst “weak gender”.  Some still regard marriage as a good career move, and perceive marriage notes in civil passport to be equal to employment notes in the Labour Book (both documents are relicts of the USSR).

On top of this Ukrainian Family Code provides for property gained during co-habiting to be shared with a partner in case of partition.  And reliability of Ukrainian property registers is another question.

But…Yes, we are human, heart not necessarily follows the mind… If we are to satisfy both?  What information is available on the subject?

” Roman Law and Fund-Management 

are applicable in Uraine …”

 A marriage contract with well written property clauses would be solution – anyone can search internet using Ukrainian tags such as: “Roman Law, Marriage Contract, Owner of Funds , Source of Funds, Ukrainian Bride… “

The wise person might guess it would be sensible to take advice from investment lawyer on off-shore property management anyway.


* An equal area of laboratory premise per dog should be observed  in order to qualify for relevant scientific result Otherwise a dog shall be stressed and results of research – are might be deemed distorted.

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