What women millennials in Ukraine want as present

What do women want …as the present?
One of Millennials, artistic well – educated woman, successful professional top-brass manager, Land – Lady of estate located in wealthy capital city suburb. Just imagine a gift that might please her on the Birth-Day…

Or let us put it alternatively –  what would she indulge herself with when spending her annual corporate remuneration ?


Boundary marker of XVII century.

She would have it nicely installed near her other gifts – stone mill millstones, just in front of her estate entrance, secured by automated closing gates. For no strangers observation, but for “close circle” display just after entering estate, here it is – on foot side of wide pass, climbing to the mansion on top of the hill.


trade in … collectables, such as Crimeastones, water – treated trees

from the Kiev Hydro- electro-station, – may go on sale up to tons daily 


 Lively trade in more mundane everyday merchandise – collectables, such as stones from Crimea, water – treated trees washed – out from the basin of Kiev Hydro- electro-station, – may go on sale up to tons daily – due to demand of unstoppable burst of cottages construction and design-mania. As we might guess, a mere fashion for decorating flats and offices with fish – tanks made no less decimating impact on stone- and tree- diversity in a given country.







Variety of around – religious pieces of “some-things” are quite popular here as well, may be due mass – -mashrooming of churches for the last 20 years. While church has been monopolizing trading in these artefacts for centures.


“Plenty admirers  of antiques…oso called “cultural valuables” in Ukraine”

 The “cultural valuables” t is local legal slang. 

Please see below for brief legal information on antiques in Ukraine*

There are enough admirers of antiques in Ukraine. Or so called “cultural valuables. Indeed, there is a vibrant market of collectables in Ukraine, including tangible one situated in outskirts of the capital city. As rumours go, here everyone with enough cash may acquire on spot  various antiques, such as:  parts of pre-industrial farmers’ tools, peasant wooden kitchenware, peasant hand-made textile and costumes; even pieces of olden factories and of former imperial architecture and municipal infrastructure. So the sellers hint to prospective buyers.

While this market is not a point of sale for the most exclusive find on offer for very chosen client. One may not dream about finding here a magnificient crystal XVIII century chandelier from estate of the long – late Comte de…. against all odds being left intact in violent storms of Ukrainian history and skillful search of local antique traders.

“Ukrainian antiques market as plentiful, as supply of rare mineral water

– which is  on sale in the Pacific Ocean‘ proportions in Ukraine”

So the author is skeptical about origins of so called “antiques” on offer, and therefore about sincerity of  antiques traders sales’ pitch, ruthlessly exploiting  secret desires of population. It is like with well – known brand of Ukrainian mineral water from sacred dwell – somehow it is traded in volumes, comparable with those of the Pacific Ocean’.

** We believe, that the Pacific Ocean is known as the largest body of water on Earth.


Business in “novodel” = “newly made antiques” proliferated due to

mass – taste for “differentiate or die”and “ nostalgfor real thing”  

reinforced with “do it yourself ” and “investment guru myself”

Everyone is in desire for uniqueness (“differentiate or die”), while nostalgically craving “for real thing”, bred strong demand for rare collectables of all sorts, even fragile exposable laboratory glass-ware expendable equipment and lamp radio transmitters, that are no in use since the former Soviet Union fall. Grandmother “do it yourself ” hand in hand with grand-pa “investment guru myself” – and voi-la! Ukraine is awash with “newly-made” antiques and collectables (nicknamed “novodel” in local slang). At the very best one may find so-called “country-style” pieces – lucky survivors of violent Ukrainian history.


Another piece of “real thing”



* Legal brief on  regulating antiques in Ukraine

In line with Ukrainian law, these must be “antiques” –  as pieces in question that are more than 50 years old.

Gifts between close relatives –residents are 0% income tax levied, between close relatives – one of them non-resident shall be liable of  15% income tax.

Gift agreement must be notarized as the way of legalization and recognition by state. State duty on notarized gift agreement shall make 1% of gift value.

The value of cultural valuables/ antiquities must be estimated by licensed expert in 2 cases: for notarizig agreement, and before export abroad.

“within – country –“off-shore – zone”

So woman may gift her children cultural valuables/ antiquities, being levied with pea – nuts of state duty, levied on the antiques value. In turn,  antiques’ value shall be evaluated by expert prior the date of the gift making. Understandably, if its market value shall increase with passage of time, no re-calculation shall be applicable. Though the tiny detail – provided cultural valuables/ antiquities are to be left in a home country.

…So let us enjoy yet another discreet “off-shore zone”, for there is a convenient loop-hole in regulation of antiquity market…

And let us enjoy quiet triumph of modern artistic wooden toy-mill being put in public display in front of down-town bank headquarters in capital city of given country.

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