Consumer loyal to WWII royal aircraft: Spitfire in BMW digital AD campaign

Which aircraft won WWII battles: ultimate killing machine or the most devoted airplane? Supermarine Spitfire or Messerschmitt? If copywriters market Messerschmitt’ manufacturer with Royal Supermarine Spitfire…

Royal Supermarine Spitfire


Stop fight wars, people will choose their winner themselves, peacefully. Here is another proof, and yet not without irony and with copywriters help.

Which aircraft won during WWII: ultimate killing machine or the most devoted airplane? Royal Supermarine Spitfire or Messerschmitt?: there is never-ending dispute amongst professional technicians, historians, pilots and history -enactment societies. Yet you might instantly know the answer from digital advertisement, or digital promotion.

Just recently, in May, 2018 we found amusing brand-new 2-wheel BMW vehicle digitally marketed under “Spitfire” name.

 Who made it?


This customized motorcycle based on a BMW R1200  was built by Swiss VTR Customs for the Dutch watchmaker TW Steel.  Its makers claimed that “…inspiration, specifically that of a 1938 royal air force fighter plane” for creating the namesake and similarly styled motorcycle” (in line with


Here you see adverts of a gorgeous young lady dressed in military-looking outfit posturing seated on this “Spitfire” motorcycle. And perhaps not coincidentally, it recollects WWII UK Spitfire Girls.


For more drama this motorcycle is completely covered in artfully riveted aluminium. Under its shiny polished aluminium sheets there is the BMW 4-stroke water -cooling engine.  In fact it was Rolls-Roys, that made engines for royal Submarine “Spitfire” during WWII. In contrary, BMW made M109 engines for Messershmitt,  a WWII opponent of “Spitfire”. While it could be vice-versa: Spain continued manufacture Messershmitts after the war with  Rolls-Roys’ “Spitfire” engines.



In general, this customized motorcycle /creature builds overall impression of rather a son of the regiment, as it combines features of different types of WWII aircraft.  Thus, Messershmitts and Spitfires were painted, this motorcycle is covered in bare aluminium, such as American aircraft the P-51(Mustang) and B-29 (Superfortress), and some Japanese aircraft during WWII.

Whereas the front-end of this “Spitfire” motorcycle is shaped like Spitfire’ cabin, yet there are flame-throwing device at its rear side. For more proof there is a  description “JET FUEL ONLY” on its tank, to complete representation of this Spitfire as a jet. I would not dare imagining motorcycle engine running of jet fuel, as consumer protection lawyer getting hands on this case.



And what we see – copywriters these days are marketing Swiss and Dutch products made using BMW quality and image of royal Supermarine Spitfire. For sure, copywriters will do anything for the sake of public preference.

To my knowledge the copywriter task was to sell 1000 items of brand-new Dutch watches of young brand for pretty money to English – speaking audience familiar with history, or at least having free access to internet.


credit: TW Steel Watches

Intrigued, if copywriter approach might work, I made small market research, discussing this motorcycle with representatives of target audience. Young and wealthy hipsters in Ukraine said they do not care about technical features, mechanics – were talking about mismatchers and wrongdoers, digital media professionals were concerned about Intellectual property rights.

And British public in turn was positively tuned: “BMW is a British brand these days!!! They own Rolls Royce – we love them!! “

In fact, Rolls Royce have been subsidiary of BMW for 20 years already, including 10 years of BMW’ ownership of  “Spitfire” trademark. And in 2018 people are devoted to royal Supermarine Spitfire so much, that commands choice how to advertise BMW’ vehicle. Surely, not under Messerschmitt name. While copywriters are not history-enactment society lot, so as we see, some artistic deviation might happen.

One of Surviving Supermarine Spitfires

credit: wikipedia

All Surviving Supermarine Spitfires around the world are carefully tracked, for instance this one (with Yougoslavia marking on its tail) is in Serbia,  is on display inside of Belgrade Aviation Museum.

Belgrade Aviation Museum

credit: Oksana Sakharova

I made this photo in Belgrade last October the 2017. Here is another relict of WWII – Junkers Ju 52 (Tante Ju)  – in front of Belgrade Aviation Museum.

Spitfires are loved and cared for in UK.  You may hear and see big birds during Flying Legends Air Show,  at Imperial War Museim (IWM) Duxford  annually each year since 2011. This year  IWM Duxford  invites  to Flying Legends Air Show on 14th & Sunday 15th July 2018.

  Flying Legends airshow


…They say, Supermarine Spitfires are still overhead, next to UK airfields where they fly from. The sound is amazing – a deep purr!! Like a very contented big cat…

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