Axe-and-Hummer found in reverse translation, on human translation and legal services in Ukraine

2018, remarkable site of international coal-trading company “Axe-and-Hummer Trading Limited, United Kingdom since 2008” informs about “realization of “DO-coal” to “users” of “cement fields implementation”…  cement plants.

Apparently, this international business (its title is changed slightly) does not aware about their product and their customers, nor about its own activity. “Realizes” goods, or just sells them?

Found in company register and due to reverse Google translation

Mystery? With help of UK companies register, and Google translator, a plausible explanation unveiled. It is Ukrainian business, registered in UK, and company information is machine translation from Russian to English via Therefore reverse operation works well, revealing reasonably well-written text in Russian. In fact, this site owes its existence to employee of one Ukrainian bank, who put condition of having a site as part of a company – bank agreement on loan provision.  And company employee responsible for loan obtaining asked receptionist of neighbouring catering company to translate it for a cup of coffee.

Human professional skills beat those of on-line resources. The trend is strong in Ukraine, where low barriers of entry to legal and translation services, except certification of court lawyers and professional translators of certain documents.

No liсense to conduct translation or legal services in Ukraine

In fact you do not need to obtain license to conduct translation or legal services in Ukraine. Up until recently one even did not need to graduate a legal school to provide services of authorized representative in Ukrainian court-house.

In general, it is when nature or human beings are potentially hazarded due to poor services, or there is considerable public interest involved, when Ukrainian government steps in and such activities are to be licensed. For instance, construction works of “Baikonur cosmodroms”. Less society-sensitive professional activities might be certified (like auditors or appraisers), or specific requirements to resulted product are to be met.

Professional certification of

human translators and court-house lawyers

As for legal and translation services, there are certain requirements available in Ukraine at the moment:

– it takes advocate professional qualification for lawyer  to be representative in court-house,

– certain types of documents are to be translated exclusively by professional translators; for some types of documents  notarization is obligatory as well, for instance – apostille.

There are no specific requirements for documents to be translated for courthouse purposes in Ukraine,  copy of translator diploma is sufficient. It is quite democratic, as for instance in Serbia official translation should be made by certified court translator with translator diploma and personal stamp.

As far as I understand, Ukrainian “guilds” of notaries, advocates and translators lobbied their bread with butter, based on international conventions adopted by Ukraine (for instance, on apostille application), and in line with timely Ukrainian laws.

Ideas might be free for all,

but professional services – not necessarily

I might understand resentment of open-source programming community to establishment, in particular to lawyers with their official translations and intellectual rights’ protection.  And yes, I miss the times when it was possible protecting your friend in court for symbolic remuneration, because there was no certification barrier… But it is difficult now for somebody to offer: “You are the lawyer, it is surely interesting for you to take a stroll in a court”.  Certainly, members of various communities might be sharing voluntarily ideas and experience for free in spare time; but when it comes to providing  professional services on demand, it will be done very well and for relevant remuneration. Human professional translation is preferable option for technical or specialized texts.. . While receptionist may be granted a cup of coffee just for a nice smile.

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