March 2018 in Kiev and all that

It is the 5th day of celebrating International Women Day in Ukraine. As de facto since the 5th of March…


… offices were half – deserted: almost everyone was away shopping presents, and the rest who left behind at work, may of started festivities.  Naturally, down-town Kiev’ narrow roads were traffic-jammed. And only pedestrian areas were passable, as an option to extremely slow-driving routes.

While officially we have 2 days-off: the 8th and the 9th of March. In line with Labour Law it was working day in previous Saturday for this Friday, the 9th of March.


Shops are full with young children and toddlers (kindergarten are off as well): after all it is holiday of freedom and equal rights for women.

Some women as majority of men quite possibly are patiently waiting for this holiday to pass.

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