Total Thrushment – Song Thrushes’ band tour in down town Kiev

The brood of Song Thrushes: mom and 3 youngsters camped for 3 days in front of…

windows of my flat in down town Kiev. As for me, it’s well-positioned convenient place: Ukrainian Parliament is located within 1,5 km.; and Kreshatik, Kiev’s main central thoroughfare is 2 km away.


Evil look

Band on the rest


Now you see me, … now you do not





  1. Jim

    The beautiful thrush. They have such a loud voice and melodious varied songs. I know of one that returns every year to a tree near my flat. Morning and evening, perched high in the branches, he sings his heart out and can be heard far and wide across the town.

    1. OS (Post author)

      Thank you Jim, sorry for such a late reply. Yet it is so great pleasure for me to find your nice words from spring time!


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