Turning prejudice into pleasure: how becoming a mother helps to get cash, girlfriends’ chat on the eve of  a bride’ Big Day, wedding

Romance and calculation are mutually exclusive, and motherhood is self – sacrifice.

Why not turning prejudice into pleasure: how well planned motherhood may help to cash in?

Traditional girlfriends’ chat on the eve of bride’ Big Day, wedding…

Birth rate’ boosting became Ukrainian state policy more than 10 years ago.

Firstly. state gives cash aid to a mother for each new born child.

Secondly, Ukrainian tax Law treats being a mother as a reason for monthly tax relief in sum, equivalent to quantity of children.

And period of maternity leave is treated as employment for granting state -funded pension later on. Crucially, un-employed women enjoy the same benefit and their child care period has employment status as well.

In addition. Ukrainian Law provide opportunity for employed mother -in-waiting to play trick or two with company funds or National Insurance Fund. Surely, it may need collaboration of creative accountant and company’ management turning a ‘blind eye’.

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