Sveti Stephan island of commerce and the church of St.Sava for prayers on Adriatic Sea and the Balkans, saint patron and Ukrainian customs


On good investment of victorious residents; saint patrons in Balkans, Sveti Stephan Christian holidays and Ukrainian customs 

 Some-when in 15 century local residents, victorious and enriched after their victory over  Turkish  troops, decided investing proceeds into fortification of local fisherman island. Thus appeared Sveti Stephan island as we know it for centuries  – well-equipped for protecting mainland against pirates and well-positioned for lively trade and commerce. But one may not be mislead by its name. For the name of Sveti Stephan, the first Christian martyr, may not distract us from the main purpose of this island. Indeed, priests found peaceful place nearby for prayers and contemplations – in well protected place, the church of St.Sava. It is located on the neighbouring mainland cliff approximately 5 km from this island in Adriatic Sea.


Saint Stephen is widely accepted in Christian world. The St. Stephen’s day is usually celebrated after Christmas – on 26th of December (catholic church) and on 6th January (Eastern Armenian orthodox church), as well as on 9th of January in Serbia. St. Stephen is also a saint patron of Serbia.


The island seems to be very well positioned for trade and commerce, especially from the customs’ point of wiev: there are convenient ports on Sveti Stephan island and the only one road connecting them with the mainland, no “grey” goods could pass.


… Recently I almost felt in “grey” myself, as I tried to import a rim for my motorbike, conveniently ordering it by internet from Serbia. Following information of international shipping operator’ site, the parcel was delayed by Ukrainian customs  in order to clarify the value of the shipment. As rim is big and heavy, I went there with my friend on 5th of January, just before our St. Stephen’s day. Custom officer took a glance at accompanying documents and gave me the declaration to fill and asked my companion who he is, if he is transporter; officer was surprised by my joke “No, he is my carrier”. The officer evidently expected piece of quiet time after New Year and Christmas holidays, but I could not resist temptation asking him: “What is wrong with my parcel? Why do you keep it here?” Silence in response. So I continued: “I would appreciate your advice, because I am going to order the second rim for my bike, so I would need to know if it ‘ll be OK if it’s price ‘ll be less than Euro 150 as it is now? ”


And miracle happened. The officer tuned his focus on documents and realized, that this picture of a rim was not of a finger – ring, but of large and heavy automotive rim, so I needed somebody to help me carry it; he realized that  the price 21 960 was not in Euro, but in Dinars; and I noticed, that shipment accompanying custom declaration did not refer to any currency. Rim’ supplier simply forgot put it there. I received my parcel, no taxes paid, I was happy. Under Ukrainian customs’ regulation there is Euro 150 threshold for tax – free and duty- free import of legitimate goods by individuals into Ukraine. Any discount is to be added on top of custom’ price of shipment. For VAT taxation purposes in this case price of shipment is included in custom price of imported goods.

Ahem! If supplier does not inform client on pricing calculation before payment, nor fills declarations properly, then no prayers, nor saint patron may help successful trade and commerce.

On picture above – is so called “russian village” built nearby St.Sava church.

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