Orthodox Christmas in Goloseevo, Kiev on 7th of January 2019

Whatever one might think, this is the … monastery “Свято-Покровський Голосіївський монастир” (in Russian “МОНАСТЫРЬ “СВЯТО-ПОКРОВСКАЯ ГОЛОСЕЕВСКАЯ ПУСТЫНЬ”), located in Goloseevsky national park of Kiev -city, Ukraine.


Here this impressive construction is held. As is well- known, church institution in Ukraine is taxes – free.

Another important fact is that from the 6th of January 2019 Ukrainian Orthodox Church became the only official orthodox church in Ukraine (under “Томос”) .  Yet this monastery is “under protectorate” of Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Moskovsky Patriarchate, Russian Federation).

Everything else is quite uneventful and quiet in the Goloseevsky Park:


… pine trees freely grow and ….


ducks prosper and …    

…  tomatoes flourish (perhaps) under specially fitted lights – red and blue. Scientists say it is the best for efficient plant’ chlorofill operation.

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