Post-Apocalyptic:  JS Man with quantum computer and super-fridge, or in an Ant/Arctic desert

Going paperless may invite unexpected 

 Electronic file exchange and cryptography

! Office as we know it

Yes, we too going paperless.

Ukrainian Law provides for entire electronic documentations, covering all business aspects: from contracts and management documentation, to tax reporting.

Complete electronic external document exchange and internal document flow would enormously benefit businesses. So could be no need persuading counterparts to join paperless office: faster, cleaner, fewer personnel,  plenty of tropical forestry saved, less busy tax men around… Those  who can master cryptography would have even more advantages, for hey will be deciding for what is under Big Brother control. It is not only paper money to disappear, but entire office life as we know it will change –  to the better. Could be, just recollect the wheel of fortune.

! Apocalypse as we know it  

PostApocalyptic Fiction ….. A man with rifle and his dog in a whatever desert.

Now it’ll be .. A man with quantum computer and his  super-fridge, or in an Ant/Arctic desert.

As it often happens, a blessing becomes a threat.

To internet, to telephone

The new menace turned out to be quantum computers that will break the encryption protecting the internet. Modern banking, internet trade, almost anything that relies on encryption, which is based on so called prime-factors problem, well-known to mathematicians.

JS === Magic

There could be many more encryption solutions, as those used by … Java Script wizards, who using legacy spell are empowered coding skillfully in a way that only them are able to read the magically performing code.

To Kirill, Egor & Nazar

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