“Something strange in your neighborhood…

… Something weird and it don’t look good” @

Somewhere in Southern-Eastern Europe…

What to bring into winter-frozen Ukraine from this upper-medium income agricaltural European country? As the country a s tourist destination, here is plenty souvenirs, but  the best choice would be: local prune jam and rakiya (wiski), both home – made.  Unfortunately, it is not the option due to airline rules. So before leaving on souvenir’ hunt I asked my friend by viber what does she prefer under circumstances. Her uexpected reply was – fir cone or sea shell shall do.

Noon of 31 st of January, 2017, I am on my way to local city, looking for souvenirs for my friends at home.


Seems like these coccoons appeared during the night – they are big – up to 15 x 20 sm., and obviousely made of tiny web. Nobody from locals seem to notice, nor interested. They do not know what is inside and who might of made it.

Just in case, I avoid walkig under pine branches, infested with THIS.

It seems, THIS avoids humans as well – as it is positioned usually high above the ground on tips of pine trees’ branches, out of reach of indifferent pedestrian. And it prefers sunny side (as we saw it in afternoon).


For comparison  – the fir cone and my hand;

You might as well see the coccoon hanging from the pine tree right above the truck roof, on the left side.

It seems, fir cone is not the souvenir option either.  I wonder if air-port phyto-sanitary control may check for aliens or ghosts, as I have to pass two borders  on my way home.

Decided to abstain from sea shell souvenir option as well, for who knows…

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