“Bad medicine is what I need”, civilian training in Tactical Medicine: “Good medicine can sometimes be bad tactics and bad tactics can get everyone killed”

“Games without frontiers”: voluntary Tactical Medicine for civilians

A a year ago, the Tactical Medicine course for civilians was carried out on Trukhaniv Island in Kiev,  on the 27 th of June 2016.

Since 2014 it became a popular activity …

… here for young population to devote leisure time for different voluntary patriotic trainings. One of the most  popular so far – voluntary Tactical medicine  training.


For military took it in their hands, making the best from the combination of both: “Good medicine in bad places.” and  “Good medicine can sometimes be bad tactics and bad tactics can get everyone killed”.



In this particular voluntary training, civilians, equipped with up-market second-hand military uniform and brand new TactMed gears undergo training under leadership of professionals. They study tactics and emergency medicine to help their “comrads in  tactical situations under increased threat with rapid evacuation to the nearest treatment site”.

So far increasingly higher part of population choose to spend week-end in tents similar to military camps, with canteens. Here you may see an example, coincidently located nearby the TactMed training. Luckily,  this camp was accompanied with life ambulance with paramedics.  So that this time Big Game might have very near “nearest treatment site” for “rapid evacuation”.

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