administrative law

Black Friday for Beli Karton, or 30% discount on the tourist tax’ penalty

   Go South-West …It was tempting November Friday offer from  a tourist agency manager, of a week-end tour to small beautiful Southwestern Balkan’ country with pristine nature; the land of almost two hundred thousand cement bunkers and 3 million population….
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Free riders with attitude: how to get back-dated car legalization + tax relief + deffered registration

Controversial 3 day’ protests in government quarters, Kiev, Ukraine: holders of vehicles rallied against pending taxes and duties on their outdated temporarily imported cars. Meanwhile Ukrainian Law provides for high tariffs and  taxes on new imported vehicles from EU, and…
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‘Topping’: Anti-Green Revolt of the Masses or public funds expropriation? Part 1

When ‘Topping’ is not ‘Top notch’, but Anti-Green Revolt of the Masses and misuse of public resources    When ‘Topping’ is not ‘Top notch’ we might of already lost our habitat to barbaric ignorance   The same word may have…
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What happened when government registers were digitized and opened for public in Ukraine? Due diligence & Open society!

There are around 33 government agencies and up to 150 public digital government registers in Ukrainein Ukraine, Being open to public, Government registers are crutial not only for due-diligence; these registers facilitate business operations and save time decreasing bureaucracy in general.