‘Topping’: Anti-Green Revolt of the Masses or public funds expropriation. Part 2

When ‘Topping’ is not ‘Top notch’, but Anti-Green Revolt of the Masses and misuse of public resources  

Public property, perhaps

 “Budget Wood-chucking”

Paradoxically, there is well-known cliché in Russian as “Распил бюджета” with approximate translation into English “Budget’ wood-chucking”, which means the practice of  funds misuse (to put it mildly). Indeed, there is list of works and services to be financed by public under auspice of local municipal authorities – the very entities, which under the Law shall protect public resources, administrate public funds. Our taxes could be spent on “green works” under control and administration of municipality following democratic tender procedure on choosing contractor company. The works could be for instance manufacturing and installing bird-houses in public parks.

Birdhouse is some-where here – now you see it, and now you do not

Tenders time

It as well might be that “green works” resort to ‘topping’ of old and dangerous trees. And as economy’ rule of “invisible hand” (recourses to be best spent) goes, contractors might utilize cut wood to further commercial benefit, thus choosing to cut perfectly largest healthy trees with wood of highest commercial value. Understandably, old and dangerous trees would stay in place, falling time – after time on cars and unfortunately on people. Thus vicious circle: the need for ‘topping’ of  old and dangerous trees could be more and more urgent, as the taste for the tenders.  In theory and in line with social media reports. Personally I may not confirm, nor deny these specukations.


Feels like tender winner

Trees and wood-chopping

Being skeptical and careful in conclusions, I made my research on the topic. Indeed. it is difficult not to notice trees topping in Kiev city and in Ukraine in general. Topping goes against general consent of population. Our scientist and community strives to protect public trees from illicit topping:

Володимир Панасович Кучерявий, український дендролог, академік Лісівничої академії наук України, reference on scientist opinion is published here  https://poglyad.te.ua/podii/strongzhahy-na-vulytsi-vyaziv-chomu-v-ternopoli-tak-radykalno-obrizayut-derevastrong.html

Local municipality punishing violators of ‘green rules’ in Ukrainehttp://bobrynecka.gromada.org.ua/news/16-43-56-02-03-2017/

Pirate urban wood-choppers


Meanwhile I made my personal impact in protection of Kiev trees by preventing unreasonable damage to trees by un-authorized tree topping by one private business (I phoned and checked it with municipality) in Kiev downtown park on 03rd of March, 2017. Our communication with un-authorized wood- choppers was fruitless, they threatened me, so I was forced to call for police. They stopped destroying trees only after police arrival; right after I applied in written  to municipality about this case. As of today 16th of April 2017, the case is still under investigation …

Under Ukrainian Law for “Tree damaged to the extent of cessation of growth, – a tree that has removed more than half the crown, – the act falls under Article 270-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, up to 12 years of imprisonment. + For each ruined plant, penalty from 7 to 100 Euro equivalent of local currency hryvnia.

…too clever by half?

 Inspired by conviction of Large Blues’ killer

In March – April 2017 my attention was attracted to information about conviction of rare butterfly killer in Britain: ‘A British man has been convicted of capturing and killing two of Britain’s rarest butterflies, the endangered Large Blues. The killer was given a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work; he was also given a five-year criminal behavior order banning him from three nature reserves popular with the Large Blue and was ordered to pay £300  prosecution costs and £80 victim surcharge’ (BBC dd 07.04.2017).

I might only dream about prosecution of those who involved in illicit ‘topping’ of trees in Ukraine; with court verdicts prohibiting perpetrators to be employed in public sector and on managerial positions, and to perform certain types of works; with prohibition to approach any living tree in Kiev city or in Kiev suburb closer than 5 (five) kilometers distance. And installing on each ‘topped’ tree the table with description on who, when and under who’s order cut this particular tree.

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