The 18th of March the 2018th, on the eve of Spring equinox

On illusion and deception, DST and pagan place in Kiev, Ukraine


An illusion of more light hours is created by light that bends over horizon and creates more light hours in certain regions of Earth, where it is called “Spring equinox” and takes place between 19 – 21 March every year. This year Spring equinox falls on the 20th of March, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere in 2018 is 20 March, according to the astronomical cycle. Incredibly, Spring equinox was celebrated  throughout the world in ancient pagan times.

Another illusion, or rather self-deception, is man-made, though not so common today as used to be – the Daylight saving time (DST) regime, which is still practiced by some countries due to the reasons of energy efficiency. It used to be implemented world-wide for more than a century, but abandoned for several reasons, most of all – questionable economic expediency.

In Ukraine, Belorussia, Russian Federation (DST) it is still in force. In Ukraine for instance, so called “Summer time”  (“Літній час”) starts when clocks will go forward by one hour at 3am on 25 March, which is the final Sunday of the month.

And here we are – there is acting modern pagan place in Kiev downtown, Ukraine.

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