This Easter and Palm Sunday or Willow Sunday, freedom of choice and jokes apart on 01.04.2018

4 in 1…

Today, on the 1st of April 2018 Ukrainian Catholics celebrate Easter; Ukrainian Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, which is “Вербна Неділя” or direct translation – Willow Sunday.  This day Orthodox Christians are to sanctify pussy-willow bouquets in church. It is a folk tradition after the pray to slightly touch each other by pussy-willow’  branch while saying:

“it is willow beating, not me.

In a week it will be Easter,

Soon you will have a Red egg.

Be healthy, as a water and wealthy as a land

(“Верба б’є, не я б’ю. За тиждень – Великдень! Уже недалечко Червоне яєчко. Будь здоровий, як вода, І багатий, як земля”).

…As i made a snap shot of pussy-willow’ pile today,  to my surprise it turned out to be  rather snap shot of social ladder.

Street vendor sells pussy-willow for the man who are to sanctify this bouquet in church located on territory of Alexandrovskaya hospital on Willow Sunday. On the left – another man holding “Freedom” (“Свобода”) news-paper, behind – prayers leaving the church in the car, and on the right – handicapped man waiting for donations, at Alexandrovskaya hospital’ gates, Kiev, Ukraine on the 1st of April 2018. Divine concept? Freedom of  choice?

And by sheer accident, today is Fools’ Day.

P.S. I made the first photo in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade.

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