Microbe’ Photo-Booth networking – before FB, and after: treating bureaucratic’ dream embodiment with “in GDPR we Antitrust”

Sasha Microbe pioneered networking with “Works from Photo Both”,
but now FB enjoys Scottall&scot-free’ momopoly status.
The remedy is application of antitrust and data protection laws.
It is about direct AD/ targeted marketing which must be competitive.

 Before FB:  Microbe Photo-Booth’ networking

The Photo-Booth could be real  place for meeting friends, creating communities and networking. The project “Works from Photo Booth” 1986 – 1989 by Sasha Markovich “Microbe” is a mix of art and successful effective social experiment undertaken by one-man, who was an artist, a performer, as well as journalist, radio host, social worker during his bright life. It is conceptual art project, the set of self-portraits with messages from Photo-Booth is a successful off-line project undertaken long before FaceBook.


Thus urban underground of 1990-s flourished wonderfully, propelled by ingenious artistic personalities…

I saw Sasha Microbe’ project and many more fascinating art objects on display in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia. Meanwhile I could not get rid of Big Following Brother in front of the Museum – parking marking reminding reverse FB icon…


We with friends enjoying the Museum


FB may be violating effective data protection laws

What a coincidence! The roaring scandal with personal data misuse by FB has happened on the eve of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the new set of personal data protection legislation in UK and EU. The most striking is apparent ignorance of FB’ owner on available data protection legislation worldwide: the unified harmonized EU set of laws and set of separate specific industry codes in USA (for the sake of saving readers time I abstain from listing all relevant legislation of other 80+ countries). The GDPR shall apply from 25 May 2018, when it supersedes the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. The GDPR broadens scope of personal data to be protected (includes medical. genetic data) and tightens previous regulative framework on personal data protection of citizens and residents in Europe (imposes fines for breaching  – 4% of overall world-wide turnover or Euro 20 mln., which is more). Since GDPR adoption in 2016, there are enough free resources available online, for instance  https://www.eugdpr.org/

Personal data bases were to register in Ukraine

As it happens, not without light touch of fun, sure. In some countries, like Ukraine they use to take some-how unexpected application ways – for instance, legal entities – holders/ users of personal data were obliged to register them with state; this requirement used to be enforced by administrative and criminal means. Luckily, no more. But still, EU directive on personal data  protection dd 2010 and relevant local Ukrainian Law have been effective in Ukraine since 2010 so far. Which norms are apparently violated by FB. Namely, on how to collect, store and use/ process personal data, provided consent of person involved is expressly granted, the right of the person to know what information is collected.

“Processor – enhancements to fight Millennium Bug” in 2000-s

Again, coincidently there are easy money on GDPR courses issuing certificates in former CIS countries for pretty money – couple of days for as much as USD 600 (Belorussia-registered site). I just saw FB ads of some Ukrainian computer gurus promising how to deal with GDPR…for Ukrainian IT businessmen and lawyers tytled: “Personal data vs. outsource …як GDPR дошкуляє IT-бізнесу (Ukrainian for “how GDPR hampers IT business”. It is a 2 hours-long event, for Euro 10 to attend, or Euro 3 to join skype-translation /per person, to be held on 17th of April 2018. …I wander, why this is better option than original EU information for free? IT & lawyers could not find it? Gullibility? …Just remembered there was flourishing trade on “processor – enhancements” helping to “fight Millenium Bug” coincidently just before 2000.

Personal data, raw material?

Difficult to name more unpopular online experience as being spammed or bombarded by unsolicited advertisement. Hold-on, if all this personal data’ fuss is about data collecting as a raw-material for targeted direct marketing?  How then it can positively impact business, if there is no adequate FB search tool? Someone’ AD shall be available predominantly to friends and family. What is the point for family to go FB, if they have historically proven alternative ways to meet and communicate?


All this FB endeavors seem to be no more than trying to extract profits of lucrative marketing/ advertisement and Public Relations industries. How effective it is so far for public (users)? If examine closely what communities FB builds, or how it studies personalities from the point of view of science, it might be another Hot Air.

 Ignorance, a fuel?

If personal data is a material,  then ignorance – is a fuel, as it ignorance plays a huge part of social media success. One active FB user, a housewife from Ukraine says: there is nothing secret in what I share on FB, that others might not know. Meanwhile, in addition to usual data provided for FB’ registration, she posts pictures of her 3 young children and details of her car movements together with house developments. Today she complained on FB about her husband’ behavior. Coincidently, the same day I over-heard the owner of a small winter – changing station saying with excitement: we need go FB, it’s millions of potential clients! – while playing cards with his idle mechanic.

In GDPR we Antitrust

They say FB is amazing place for people to advertize, there are 2 bln. FB’ users, including half-population of UK and 70 mln. small businesses world-wide. Is it only me, who understands it as a perfect breach of Antitrust regulations in any separately taken country concerned? Besides, to take FB to account does not take adopting new complicated data protection legislation, nor waiting for appropriate litigation or enforcement practice to develop. As far as I know, Antitrust legislation is perfectly available tool and well – enforced everywhere, with USA and EU as champions of its execution.

 Scottall & scot-free FB

Alas, employing ignorance is not new, as an embodiment of notion: Scottall & scot-free. In the times of former Soviet Union it was the favorite bureaucratic party’ cheer: “Чтобы у тебя все было, и тебе ничего за это не было”… What is definite, FB and other businesses monetizing free access to personal information shall not do without us, but we could do without them, and with much pleasure. In variety of real-life experiences, choosing meeting a bright interesting person in person. Museum, café, stadium,  any off-line venue shall suffice.

… and The Leg before Angelina Jolie

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