Make your stand and Turn the page


Ad Hoc – Test Drive, HD HOG Kiev Chapter at Motobike 2018 Exhibition, Ukraine

 Make your stand

Not long ago, an unhappy driver could make a stand against aggressive rider who undercut him, by promptly calling this road offender, referring to him (usually not her) by name and reprimanding for non-proper driving.  Just before 2010 it took only cell phone, number of offending car and right friends, to be able within couple of minutes after seeing offending car’ license-plate, to dial telephone number of this car owner, referring by full name. Those “blessed” times “grey” copies of data base of registered vehicles with personal data of its owners including addresses, were still available at “Pertovka” flee-market in Kiev, for a couple of dollars. It all switfly ended when data protection legislation have been introduced in Ukraine on 2010. And I suppose a couple of years later major Motorcycle Manufacturers – importers keen to expand to Eastern-European markets would give out “a half of the kingdom” for such a data base, as Ukrainian grey motorcycle market then amounted at least to 1/3 – 1/2 of the “white” one.

Turn the page

It is easy to see why. Average price of imported new vehicle into Ukraine is double of its retail price of the country of origin due to custom tariffs, excise taxes (on some occasions) and import VAT on top of a custom price of imported vehicle. Certainly, Ukraine is not a member of any western countries’ Custom Union. And non-withstanding EU – Ukraine Partnership Agreement, Sadly for Ukrainian consumers, heavy import duties and taxes are applicable for vehicles imported into Ukraine from EU. Understandably, there are plenty of clever import vehicles’ duty and tax-bending activity goes on in Ukraine. Taking to extreme, some counterfeit motorcycles went riding Ukrainian roads without number plates whatsoever.

Since 2010 approach changed – take, for instance temporary import regime scheme’ misuse, enabling driving vehicles on temporary foreign numbers in Ukraine for years in the row (more detailed is here).

Now it seems to be, much more honest direct approach pays off, – to be friendly with local community. If to be precise, with the local Kiev city Council in particular.

Up on the stage

It became quite visible recent years, taking to account Harley-Davidson Kyiv & H.O.G. Kyiv Chapter Ukraine carried out under auspice of Kiev City Council in 2017; the fruits of success were obvious on display during exhibition Motobike’18, that had been held on 20-22 April 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine. Please, take a look at some photo I made on this event, outside the Exhibition pavilion.


There were new 25 test-derive HD motorcycles on temporary yellow number-plates, as a part of European HD tour. It made great success with Ukrainians, as HD representative told me, 8000 people volunteered to participate in test drive prior the Exhibition, but only 160 were enlisted by HD Kiev dealer.


Surely, other brands were noticeable at Exhibition as well: Indian, Custom Culture, KTM, Honda.

Looks like now the times for official import of expensive motorcycles in Ukraine; and you might know who is who behind the popular brand, without consulting “grey” data base.

Now go Google and by number plate may find:

Owner Harley-Davidson At Auto Trader UK‎ mileage: 1,000 (Estimated) –  Am I right? Anybody-else guess?

Public is more civilized this times too. Who mught sing:

“Here I am, on the road again, here I am, up on the stage
Here I go, playin’ star again, there I go, turn the page”

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